Subject: NFS problems with LAN adapter
To: None <>
From: Harold Gutch <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/01/2002 22:04:11

I'm experiencing file corruption when WRITING files via NFS with
a LAN adapter.  Reading works fine, as does copying the files
from and to the Dreamcast via scp.  The corruption occurs after
exactly 8192 bytes.  I found this in sys/nfs/nfs.h:

#define  NFS_WSIZE       8192            /* Def. write data size */

and this in sys/nfs/nfsproto.h:

#define NFS_V2MAXDATA       8192

I could just modify those values, but I don't have the insight to
know how to modify them to debug my problem.  Does anybody
(Christian?) have enough clue of this to help me debug this and
track down this bug?