Subject: panic(?) in tlb_handler()
To: None <>
From: Harold Gutch <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 03/27/2002 15:19:04

I've been trying to get my Dreamcast to boot up NetBSD for the
last couple of days.  I now managed to crosscompile NetBSD
(kernel and userland) using on a i386 with a -current
sourcetree from Mar 25.  Following Marcus' steps I also managed
to burn the kernel to a CD and boot it - it then repeatedly
displayed an errormessage in tlb_handler() on the TV which
scrolled through pretty fast so I wasn't really to read it.
Brian Alliet reported the same problem on March 17, but so far I
haven't seen any replies or suggestions on what one could try out
to fix (or work around) this bug/problem.  Does anybody have some
sh3-insight on this and has a clue what I could try next?  I'm
willing to burn a bunch of CDs in this whole testing-process as
long as it's not just some completely blind trying out of things
(which would be the best I could do on my own :) ).

thanks for any help,