Subject: new toolchain, cross compiler, and recent kernel
To: None <>
From: Brian Alliet <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 03/17/2002 21:03:03
This weekend I managed to get a full sh3 system compiled with the new 
toolchain. I started out with ./ -m dreamcast in my i386 box and 
proceeded to fix whatever errors came up after that. After a bunch of 
minor changes everything seems to be compiled ok (well, everything but 
shared libraries).

Next I built a kernel with the cross compiler that was built. The build 
was successful. I sent the kernel over to the dc, and it almost 
immediately blew up repeating some tlb_handler error over and over again 
for a few seconds then rebooted. I couldn't really make out too much of 
the error on the tv.

I found a cd that I had made a long time ago (maybe feb or march 2001) 
with a kernel on it and booted that with the latest (20010610) hpcsh elf 
snapshot on the nfs server, that ran fine. I then copied over some of 
the binaries that I had built, but they all failed with bad syscall.

It looks like the binaries probably work, if only I could get a recent 
kernel to boot. So is anybody running
a recent kernel on their dc? Christian Groessler, I see you were trying 
to get one going, did you get it to work?
(Oh yeah, if you didn't figure it out yet, the problem in your second 
message, #include <sys/queue.h>)