Subject: Re: Norwegian Blue NetBSD port
To: None <>
From: Brian Alliet <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 03/14/2002 17:50:43
On Thursday, March 14, 2002, at 02:09 PM, Adrian McMenamin wrote:
> I find these comments bizarre. Are you really saying that because you 
> can get
> the DC to boot and run a console that its all over?
> I am actually offering to help. I am not a netBSD person, but I have 
> written
> a Linux sound driver for the DC, I am would more than happy to help a 
> netBSD
> hacker to port it, but it seems your view is "no thanks".
> How very strange.

I think what he was trying to say (although this is only my 
interpretation of it) is that although all the hardware support isn't 
there yet, more important things need to be done now that are not 
dreamcast specific. Sound and graphics support are dreamcast specific, 
the move of SH3 to ELF for example is not. I'd have to agree with him 
that it would be better to get the whole SH3 port in general more stable 
then to look into more hardware support on the dreamcast. If you want to 
port your sound driver to NetBSD thats great! Nobody is saying "no 
thanks". I just don't think he was interested in helping you do it 
himself. (Again, this is only my interpretation of his post, sorry if I 
didn't read it right)

>> Now, there is all sorts of interesting machine independent and
>> architecture dependent work going on (including on the superh
>> toolchain and such), but...
> But what, exactly.

 From what I can tell, the move to ELF is the big thing now. I am sure 
there are also non dreamcast specific kernel issue that need to be 
worked out. You probably want to subscribe to the port-sh3 mailing list 
also (if you haven't already). That seems kinda dead now too, but thats 
where there non dreamcast specific discussion would go.