Subject: Re: Norwegian Blue NetBSD port
To: None <>
From: Rob Jacobs <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 03/14/2002 12:50:38
>It is now a month since there was a proper message on this mailing list.
>But there seems to be no signs of life here.
>So, should I just unsubscribe?

Well, this is nog very encouraging. This was actually the first message I
recieved from the port-dreamcast list.

The only reason I bought a Dreamcast was to toy around with it. The only
'real' game I have for it is Soul Calibur, and that one was free with the
unit. The stack of CD's sitting next to it consists of Doom, Quake, NES-
SNES- emulators, ROM collections, and a few Linuxes. I am the proud burner
of a DC-Quake CD with every cool patch and expansion pack I could get my
hands on.

I'm not very familiar with NetBSD, but I guess it's an open-source BSD-based
Unix. Once there are drivers for Linux they should be 'portable' to NetBSD,
right? So what are we missing on the Dreamcast? An OpenGL 3D video driver,
of course, and some of the other hardware drivers (the mic, and has anybody
done the modem?)

I'd love to go to a LAN-party, carrying just my DC, and kick some ass at
Tux-racer, Quake 1/3 or any other Unix title. I'm beyond caring if this is
done using Free/Open/NetBSD or RedHat/Debian/SuSE Linux, just don't give me
any more Windows! I already had to sand off the 'Compatible with Windows CE'

The majority of Un*x hackers couldn't write a kernel driver if their lives
depended on it, we need guys like you! I can compile, install, package, and
crash-dump with the best of them, I'm just not that intimate with the kernel

So don't just drop out because some list exists only of lurkers, get your
project on SourceForge, in the spotlight, build it, and they will come!