Subject: Norwegian Blue NetBSD port
To: None <>
From: Adrian McMenamin <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 03/13/2002 19:57:22
It is now a month since there was a proper message on this mailing list.

I don't want to denegrate anybody's work, but is anything going on?

I have been plugging away, in my own small way, with Linux on the DC and, to 
be quite honest, I wouldn't mind a bit of competition - it would be 
stimulating and you never know, productive, if we were all hacking away at 
the hardware: certainly I am prepared to assist anybody who wants to write a 
sound (/dev/dsp) driver or puru puru (rumble) driver (I've done both for 
Linux), and would really like help with the microphone driver I'm trying to 

But there seems to be no signs of life here.

So, should I just unsubscribe?