Subject: Re: networking dreamcasts
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Date: 11/30/2001 00:49:20
From IGN

"More On the Dreamcast Broadband Adapter
The Dreamcast broadband adapter will go down as one of the most talked-about
products that was never fully used. And now, it may actually be re-released
in a different color in order to appease some of the hardcorest of Sega

The story goes like this, apparently. Up till now, CSI has made available
the broadband adapter in the Dreamcast's original white color.
Unfortunately, there are a good number of black colored systems out there,
and having a white device attached to the back of your black system is just
plain unsightly. Thus, CSI is considering releasing a black colored version
of the adapter.

CSI will take reservations for the 8,800 yen device from 12/1 to 12/28 at
its website. If 2000 orders are received, the concept will become a real
product which will be shipped out in February or March."


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Subject: RE: networking dreamcasts

> > Now to me, a computer not connected to a network isn't very
> > useful, and I'm not quite willing to shell out $100+ for the
> > broadband adapter on Ebay when I bought the machine for $40.
> There's a Japanese company who might be releasing more BBAs.  Does anyone
> this list read Japanese?
> The info I read said that they are taking reservations, and if more than
> 2000 are reserved they'll do it.  Maybe someone can translate the page for
> us non-speakers.
> Scott