Subject: Re: networking dreamcasts
To: Drew P. Vogel <>
From: Adrian McMenamin <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 11/29/2001 17:08:52
On Thursday 29 Nov 2001 4:44 pm, Andy R wrote:
> --- "Drew P. Vogel" <> wrote:
> > I forget where it was, but I started surfing at the
> > NetBSD/dc links page
> > and ended up looking and a diagram of the dc
> > internals. I believe it
> > showed each controller to have 256 kbit/s
> > throughput.
> And the broadband adapter rides on the maple bus
> correct? So it's only good for a max of 256 kilobits?
> That would make NFS booting quite painful...
> Andy

The BBA certainly does better than that even on a 10 Mb/s network (it's 
supposed to be capable of 100 Mb/s but I don't have such a network so can't 
tell you what it's like on that).

NFS booting (I do it with Linux) is perfectly feasible.