Subject: RE: DC Modem
To: None <>
From: Travis Geiselbrecht <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 11/12/2001 15:22:23
Someone would need to write a driver for the soft modem in the DC, which
is probably impossible due to a lack of specs for it, or at least beyond
what anyone would want to do. It's a conexant chipset, and I'm sure
they're going to be protective of it's internals. The last company I
worked for used a conexant chipset in their product, and they did
everything they could to hide it's implementation, mostly by insisting
to write the drivers themselves, and giving us compiled modules with all
the symbols stripped off, etc. I doubt Sega could/would give anyone the
specs for it.

My take is to completely write off ever using the DC modem.

Travis Geiselbrecht

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Subject: DC Modem

So, no one actually knows if it'll work modem to modem?
This really interests me because I'd love to stick the DC on the network

w/o spending anything. =)
And, if not, would anybody be interested in writing drivers for it? 
(Assuming Sega will give out the specs =) )

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