Subject: Re: Connecting Modems together.
To: None <>
From: andrew culver <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 11/12/2001 15:31:22
> But if you want to
> connect two modems together, it requires that the phone line be connected
> with a voltage source.  Usually a 9 Volt battery will do.  Thats only if
> your in a pinch.

In my experience of direct modem-to-modem communications (just running a
telephone cable from one modem directly to another,) I've found that some
(most?) PC modems will provide enough voltage on the line that a battery
isn't nessicary. Anyone want to comfirm/disagree?

> Along the same lines they make what is known as a "programmers cable"
> connects to the built in serial port on the dreamcast.

How/where can I get one of these? :) Does anyone else think SLIP would be an
reasonable alternative configuration for people who couldn't get their hands
on a BBA?

  Andrew (