Subject: Dream Cast Modem / Broad Band Adapter
To: None <>
From: Zachary McGrew <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 11/11/2001 20:08:39
Ok, here's what I was wanting to do:
#1: Setup a system to monitor the firewall
#2: Just have another termlnal for anything else I

But how can I connect it to the network?

Can I setup Modem(PC) -> Modem(DreamCast) ?
I've been looking for a BBA, but haven't found one
Well, I take that back, I did find one, but it was
So I passed on it, and am still looking. Anybody know
where I can get one, and how much it'll cost?

How else can I set it up to just connect it to another

I asume if I can connect to 1 system, I can use it to
connect to the rest (SSH).

BTW, is work still being done on this port?
The last update on the page was in February...
I don't want to use Linux on my DC... I'm BSD fan! =)

Thnx ahead of time for any and all help,
Zachary McGrew

Zachary McGrew
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