Subject: Re: Root Disc Read Problem
To: None <>
From: Miles Nordin <carton@Ivy.NET>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 11/09/2001 16:55:06
>>>>> "dg" == JakeCatfox  <> writes:

    dg> "Burn the disc." does this guy realize this is the HARDEST
    dg> PART and needs more detail than that? Not everyone has MADE a
    dg> bootable disc before. And not everyone HAS DISCJUGGLER or USES
    dg> WINDOWS (good point!)

Yeah.  A quick FAQ is better than no FAQ though.  I think at this
point, we could use several FAQ's.  Then you can keep trying until you
find one that works.

There is variation in CD recorders, too.  I still have a Philips 521
that I can't use because it has the old ROM's and no one has ROM
images any more.

Anyway, I'm glad you got it working.  The whole point is to run
programs on CD, right?  Do you think you can get it to use the same
physical disk for boot and root?

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