Subject: Re: two questions regarding netBSD on dreamcast - and a P.S.
To: Joesh Juphland <>
From: Andy Michaels <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/18/2001 17:19:34
Actually, it's the HPCSH distro, and I believe you want the COFF binaries,
but I could be wrong.  Someone correct me.  Also, the best kernel you'll
get is in the Dreamcast tree and is called netbsd.1.5R

Good luck!


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On Tue, 18 Sep 2001, Joesh Juphland wrote:

> First, are there any plans to run emulators like NESter, Mame, SNES, etc., 
> as programs running under netBSD, and not just standalone bootable discs ?  
> I enjoy the NESter emulator, etc., very much, but I would like it more if it 
> were running under the context of a userland program on a unix system.  Any 
> comments as to the current status of this goal are welcome.
> Second, it is my understanding that currently the dreamcast netBSD doesn't 
> do much of anything ... and is somewhat slow.  This confuses me since it is 
> a 200+ mhz machine with a fair amount of ram (32 megs ?)  I have run many 
> web+mail+ftp servers with far less horsepower than this - in fact as slow as 
> 33 mhz and 8 megs of ram for some mail+web+shell servers I have run.  
> Comments appreciated.
> --joesh
> PS: can someone send me a current URL for a ISO of the second disk (the 
> filesystem disc) I am having trouble with the HOWTO, where it says "grab the 
> HPCARM tarballs and run makedev" - I could bungle around for 
> days without knowing for sure which set of tarballs they mean, and I don't 
> have a netBSD system running - does someone have a current ISO for the 
> second disk sitting somewhere I can grab ?  I successfully made the first 
> disc and ran it, but I need the second one.
> thanks.
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