Subject: two questions regarding netBSD on dreamcast - and a P.S.
To: None <>
From: Joesh Juphland <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/18/2001 12:39:53
First, are there any plans to run emulators like NESter, Mame, SNES, etc., 
as programs running under netBSD, and not just standalone bootable discs ?  
I enjoy the NESter emulator, etc., very much, but I would like it more if it 
were running under the context of a userland program on a unix system.  Any 
comments as to the current status of this goal are welcome.

Second, it is my understanding that currently the dreamcast netBSD doesn't 
do much of anything ... and is somewhat slow.  This confuses me since it is 
a 200+ mhz machine with a fair amount of ram (32 megs ?)  I have run many 
web+mail+ftp servers with far less horsepower than this - in fact as slow as 
33 mhz and 8 megs of ram for some mail+web+shell servers I have run.  
Comments appreciated.


PS: can someone send me a current URL for a ISO of the second disk (the 
filesystem disc) I am having trouble with the HOWTO, where it says "grab the 
HPCARM tarballs and run makedev" - I could bungle around for 
days without knowing for sure which set of tarballs they mean, and I don't 
have a netBSD system running - does someone have a current ISO for the 
second disk sitting somewhere I can grab ?  I successfully made the first 
disc and ran it, but I need the second one.


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