Subject: Re: again, console only possible ??
To: smoerk <>
From: None <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/11/2001 21:07:42
> >Is it possible to perform every function of running dreamcast netBSD 
> >(booting for first time, setup, running, etc.) using _only_ a serial console 
> >?
> >
> >(presumably connected to hyperterminal on my laptop)
> >
> >Or is there some step involved that I need a keyboard for ?
> Thank you for this idea, I never thought of it, so hopefully we don't
> need a keyboard for the DC and could save some space on the desk...
> Does the DC only have one serial port?

Yes, it only has one serial. I took the liberty of taking it apart and
putting it back together. What did you guys do though that allows use of
the serial? I have not seen any products around that use the serial port
of the DC. Is there a URL for such products? Also, are broadband adapters
still on sale?