Subject: Re: Sorry - I know this is a FAQ but...
To: None <>
From: TATEOKA Takamichi <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/09/2001 23:40:33
> The instructions on how to send a file over the BBA on the NetBSD DC FAQ 
> describe commands for NetBSD which don't make much sense to me (years hacking 
> Windows, less than 3 months on Linux): how do you do this using Linux?

  Netcat ( may
help you.  I used it on FreeBSD for NetBSD DC as:
  % cat filename | nc -w 3 dreamcast 4711

  where, "filename" is the name of the file to be sent, "dreamcast" is
the hostname or IP address of the DC.

TATEOKA, Takamichi