Subject: TV Resolution
To: None <>
From: Max <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/07/2001 02:02:32
Hey everybody-

    I've been subscribed to port-dreamcast now for about two months, and
something just came to me a few minutes ago:

    OK, if we do get X running (and we will!), and its running at
TV resolution (320x240), wont all games that people would make for the
dreamcast (which is what this is for, right?) have to be TV resolution,
and since most games for PC aren't (why waste so much resolution?),
wouldn't games have to be specially written for Dreamcast?

    And, oh yeah, by the way: what's the chance that, once the dreamcast
port is finished and people develop games for it, that one could create
a CD that boots in single user mode (i.e. no login), uses a splash
screen, and boots streight into X11 with game (or whatever), thereby
allowing developers to develop their programs on unix and just make an
iso when the game is done, and they could even distribute it... CDs are
cheap, and if theres all the source with it and everything, could
selling it be justified because the average dreamcast user wouldn't be
able to compile it or run it...

        Alright, just contributing some ideas.

        -Max Shron