Subject: Re: Help,
To: None <>
From: BARRANCO SAMUEL LEE <barrancs@Colorado.EDU>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/06/2001 07:58:37
I tried the tarballs from the coff folder after a couple unsuccessful
attempts with the elf tarballs.  Still, I am unable to understand exactly
what's going wrong, I can barely see the error message I'm getting
"something: /dev/console" and it's definetly locking up the dreamcast.
I'm burning an ISO 9660 under nero in windows (i don't have a cd-r in my
BSD machine) I built the new dev stuff with the 1.5 MAKEDEV script
(although it did output some weird errors, something to the extent
of MAKEDEV: arith: syntax error:).  Basically I'm stuck, I would
appreciate any help andy or anyone else could offer.