Subject: Re: Help,
To: None <>
From: Andy R <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/04/2001 08:37:33
I asked for help above when I really should have
looked harder at how I built the root CD. Here's what

I went to the hpcsh directory to get the tarballs
(which is located at
and I downloaded them from the elf folder instead of
the coff folder. I didn't even realize that there was
2 folders until I went back and noticed them. I
rebuilt the root CD this morning and happily booted
into single user mode, albeit with the console problem
of things scrolling below the bottom of the screen.
Apparently what was happening was the elf CD locked it
up but I couldn't see that it did.

I apologize for posting this mistake earlier.
Hopefully Andy (the guy that wrote the howto) can
specify to use the coff set rather than the elf set.
I've never used NetBSD other than i386 so looking
through directories of different ports had me a bit

Off to buy my broadband adapter now that I know it


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