Subject: Re: Help, console not scrolling
To: None <>
From: Eric P Liedtke <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 09/04/2001 14:33:35
Hey Andy, 

  I had a similiar problem that I haven't figured out. I think you will
find though that the console does in fact scroll properly. I think the
problem with it going off the screen is due to a difference in monitor vs.
TV display modes. If you continue typing garbage for the boot device you
should see it start to scroll correctly. I never did get my root fs cd to
work properly either which is what you are actually experiencing. If you
run the DC though one of the VGA boxes and hook it to a computer monitor
everything fits on the screen and looks fine, however my root fs cd kept
locking the system up. As soon as I get some time I am just going to set it
up to netboot. Booting off of cd only doesn't really buy you much anyway
right? Hope this helps.

Eric Liedtke
Andy R writes:

> Hello all, I'm mighty thankful for all the help that
> I've had from reading posts here so far.
> I am new to NetBSD/dreamcast, but not NetBSD/i386.
> I've used it for a while now and I'm hoping I'm just
> doing something slightly wrong.
> I'm following the directions from this page:
> I have made the kernel CD and it seems to work fine. I
> followed the directions for making the root filesystem
> and I think I have done it right, but I can't be sure
> because the console doesn't scroll upward to allow me
> to see what's happening.
> I can type in gdrom0 when asked for the boot device,
> and I can hit enter for passing by the dump device.
> Then I change to the root CD, type cd9660 and hit
> enter, and that's it, I can't see anything else that
> is happening, the console doesn't scroll. The gdrom
> drive does seem to be reading something, but that's
> all I know. I tried using my knowledge of single user
> mode to type in commands without seeing them but
> nothing works...
> Any help will be greatly appreciated. I'm willing to
> rewrite the page I was using to make it even more
> useful to us non code literate types like me if I can
> get advice that will help me move on... :)
> Long live NetBSD!
> (I ran a semi-production web server on a 486DX/33
> using NetBSD up until a few months ago, big fun! No
> kidding, it actually was! :)
> Andy
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