Subject: Re: Okay, so nobody replied...
To: M. R. Brown <>
From: Adrian McMenamin <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 08/31/2001 18:42:44
On Friday 31 August 2001  2:20 am, you wrote:
> * Adrian McMenamin <> on Fri, Aug 31, 2001:
> > ...but I got it fixed: you can make a bootable CD with the first track as
> > a data track.
> Could you elaborate more on the steps you took to do this?  Thanks.
> M. R.
Well, the canonical reference to how to do this remains Marcus Comstedt's 
site: (page on burning bottable CDRs for DC)

This message is really just a commentary on Marcus's site - but it describes 
how to burn a bootable CDR if you don't have access to a Windows CDR machine.

Firstly, I downloaded the 'scrambled' and gzipped binary:

(you may have to rename this - I don't understand why they have named it in 
this way - to netbsd_bin.gz before you unzip it).

Unzip this and note the name of the binary file.

Then burn the first audio/data track on your cd: it can be data....

dd if=/dev/zero bs=2352 count=300 of=audio.raw
cdrecord dev=0,0,0 -multi -data audio.raw

Then create the IP.BIN file you need - Marcus has the program needed on his 
site - I have a binary for Linux i686 machines if anybody really cannot 
manage that on their own.

Make the iso as described on Marcus's site:

cdrecord dev=0,6,0 -msinfo

(note output from this for x and y below)

mkisofs -l -C x,y -o tmp.iso NETBSD.BIN  
(nb I renamed the file - make sure you use the name you have on your system)

Add the IP.BIN to this iso

( cat IP.BIN ; dd if=tmp.iso bs=2048 skip=16 ) > data.raw

Then burn the boot disk

cdrecord dev=0,6,0 -multi -xa1 data.raw

You should now have a bootable CDR

(nb In case anybody doesn't realise - and I didn't at first - put the CD in 
the DC *before* you switch it on!)