Subject: Re: NetBSD on PAL TV
To: port-dreamcast <>
From: Philip Pesek <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 08/03/2001 11:59:55
This is not a PAL-specific issue, its the same way on NTSC, in fact I cannot
see either the top or the bottom, the reason for this is that TV
manufacturers intentionally cover a portion in order to insure that TV
programs take up the whole screen--otherwise people would complain that the
whole 21' (or whatever) doesn't actually work.  Somebody just has to tweak
the software to deal with this at some point...


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Subject: NetBSD on PAL TV

> Hi!
> I have a 21" PAL TV...
> When I run NetBSD/Dreamcast I can't see the bottom
> of the screen...
> How can I solve this little problem?
> Regards
> Natasha Portillo