Subject: TO: Whoever made the IDE card AND got it to work
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 07/16/2001 00:12:38
1. Are you booting from the IDE Drives (CD-ROM or Harddrive) or can you
only boot from the internal GD-ROM? (Number one means are you booting
off IDE with the GD-ROM EMPTY.)

2. I guess you placed the files on the Harddrive with your x86

3. If you ARE NOT booting from the IDE drives, How hard do you think it
would be to do so?

4. Would this require actually rewritting the Boot-BIOS?

5. If (4.) is right, BitMaster HAS made a GOOD attempt to replace it
with a BLANK AMI Flash Chip that HE Put a HEX DUMP program on.

6. If (5.) sounds good all we need to do is find someone who could
program an extra Boot-Point (The IDE-Primary THEN IDE-Secondary). THEN
have this someone Post the ADDITIONAL CODE.

7. I know someone on the internet who is WILLING to program ANY Flash
Chip with ANY BIOS.  (Mostly x86 Machines) This can help for the people
who doesn't know how to program Chips (AND HE WILL DO IT FOR JUST THE