Subject: Howto for booting from gdrom
To: None <>
From: Danilo Beuche <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/26/2001 17:25:23
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someone should take the time and write a "howto create a bootable gdrom"
which contains a step by step procedure for creating a cdrom which not
only boots the NetBSD (this is already documented quite well) but also
howto create a filesystem which can be mounted as root file system.

Additional, it could be a good idea to provide a minimal image,=20
but the documentation should do.

The reason for requesting the howto is, that I was not able to find
enough information to successfully build such a cd. Of course I=20
could ask "why does the kernel fail in loading /sbin/init" but
from reading the mailing list archive, I have seen many questions
about this topic, but not very useful answers (at least no useful for me).=

I'm sorry that my first mail to this list is a "complaint" but I think
a lot of us don't like to spend hours and hours to figure out how
something works while knowing that others know howto do it and
don't share the knowledge. This is in my opinion fatal for=20
open source developments which rely on combined efforts of


P.S.: I don't want to start any kind of philosophical discussion, I just
      want to boot my dreamcast :-)

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