Subject: Re: /dev/console? And Remote Swap Space
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/25/2001 01:23:51
On Thu, 24 May 2001, adriel wrote:

> does it write to dmesg? you could read that on the host drive, if not
> maybe syslog?

Thanks for the help. I ended up checking those, and it hadn't written to
them. a few minutes ago i managed to figure out part of what the message
meant. i manually created part of the /dev tree and it fixed the majority
of the problems.

i'm still having problems with it not picking up all the information from
the dhcp server, ie the default gateway, hostname, and dns servers. I have
managed to telnet and ssh into the system.

i'm sure I will run into more problems here, i usually use linux & freebsd
so i'm not as familiar with netbsd's layout.

Here's another question. I attempted to setup swapping to an nfs drive, it
gave me an error message of "swapctl: /swap: Device not configured"

I take this to mean that folders cannot be used to swap to. How can i swap
to a remote system?

> Quoting (
> > Having a small problem with an obscured error.
> >
> > I have gotten NetBSD to boot and to find it's address and root drive on my
> > NFS/DHCP server. For the root drive i downloaded the hpcsh port (dated in
> > january) and extracted it, then extracted the bin,sbin,usr.tgz files from
> > the dreamcast port over it.
> >
> > When it boots, It finds it's root drive, and immediately after that gives
> > me an error, which due to the screen clipping, I can only see half of.
> >
> > ???????? ?? /dev/console
> >
> > Any idea what might cause this given my current configuration?
> >
> > Kazriko RedClaw,
> > Arkaic Arts Software.