Subject: Re: Success! (was: Re: booting woes)
To: Christoph Brauer <>
From: Gene McCulley <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/02/2001 20:36:27
Christoph Brauer wrote:
> If you still wanna give your TEAC a chance :) ...
> try a firmware flash-update to version 1.0R.

I thought about that briefly.  The web page for the firmware update only
offered a Windows mechanism.  Is there a way to update it from Linux?  This is
a headless machine with a serial console that sits in a rack in my garage, so
Windows is not an option without a lot of hassle and a reboot.

Hrm.  Maybe I'll go put a sticky note on it to remind me to update the
firmware if I ever take it out of the box.

Gene McCulley