Subject: Re: Success! (was: Re: booting woes)
To: Gene McCulley <>
From: Travis Geiselbrecht <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/02/2001 14:21:14
> I did the image creation and burn from Linux.
> My SCSI TEAC CDR-55S drive made nothing but coasters.
> I bought a USB Iomega ZIP-CD 650 and it worked fine on the first try.
> My DC unit says it was manufactured in October of 2000 and it boots CD-Rs
> fine.

I used to have a TEAC CDR-55S and I had the same problem. I eventually had
to buy a new plextor, which I'm completely happy with. The problem is that
the Teac seems to accept the command to make a mode 2 form 1 track, and goes
ahead and makes a mode 1 form 1 track. (I think I have the mode x form y
down, I'm doing it from memory). Either way, it basically burns the
incorrect type of track, one that a DC needs to have on the track for it to
work. I could never get it to produce a correct cd and just gave up.

Travis Geiselbrecht