Subject: export ? to mount /
To: None <>
From: netbsd.ndk <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/01/2001 14:04:00
I'll be using a BSD box for the DHCP/NFS server.  What file(s) need
to be exported?


--- Marcus Comstedt <> wrote:
> >>>>> "netbsd" == netbsd ndk <> writes:
>   netbsd> Hey there,
>   netbsd> just scored a Dreamcast off of Ebay and looking to get
> NetBSD running
>   netbsd> on it.  I burned the DiscJuggler image and it boots up
> until it tries
>   netbsd> to mount root, where I get an error 79.
>   netbsd> I take it this is where I need to specify rtk0 (bba) and
> point to a
>   netbsd> NFS share, correct?  What steps do I need to take in
> setting up the
>   netbsd> NFS share and how do I set an IP address on the DC? 
> Can't find any
>   netbsd> HOWTOs on setting up a DC from start to finish.  If
> someone could
>   netbsd> help me out with this, I'd write one myself!
> You need to set up a DHCP server to tell the DC its IP-number and
> where to mount the root dir from.  Then you need an NFS server to
> export this root dir of course.  How to do these things would
> depend
> on the OS on the server machine.
>   // Marcus

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