Subject: Re: mounting root via nfs, configging IP
To: None <>
From: Marcus Comstedt <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/01/2001 22:42:59
>>>>> "netbsd" == netbsd ndk <> writes:

  netbsd> Hey there,

  netbsd> just scored a Dreamcast off of Ebay and looking to get NetBSD running
  netbsd> on it.  I burned the DiscJuggler image and it boots up until it tries
  netbsd> to mount root, where I get an error 79.

  netbsd> I take it this is where I need to specify rtk0 (bba) and point to a
  netbsd> NFS share, correct?  What steps do I need to take in setting up the
  netbsd> NFS share and how do I set an IP address on the DC?  Can't find any
  netbsd> HOWTOs on setting up a DC from start to finish.  If someone could
  netbsd> help me out with this, I'd write one myself!

You need to set up a DHCP server to tell the DC its IP-number and
where to mount the root dir from.  Then you need an NFS server to
export this root dir of course.  How to do these things would depend
on the OS on the server machine.

  // Marcus