Subject: Re: booting woes
To: None <>
From: Andy Michaels <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/01/2001 00:42:12
Dude, I think the issue is your DC.  Return it and scour the stores for a
Sept 200 or earlier model.  It's cheaper than a new CDRW, and it's kinda
fun to see the looks on the salespeople's faces when you tell then you
want a September 200 model.  You get a dumb, blank stare and sometimes a
chuckle.  They have no idea why you want a specific mfr. date.  Some of
the gaming stores offer used ones at a discount (around $60) so that's an
affordable option. Good luck,


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On Mon, 30 Apr 2001, Gene McCulley wrote:

> Well, now I am more confused.
> I have read both good and bad things about the drive I am using (TEAC
> CDR-55S).  I have read no good things from folks using it under Linux, only
> Windows.
> I still haven't read anything either way about my particular Dreamcast unit. 
> It has a date of manufacture of October 2000.  I have read good things for
> months before that, but nothing for that month or later.
> At the directions say to
> write the data track in XA Mode 2, but at it says
> to use XA Mode 1.
> I'm thinking of buying an Iomega USB CD-RW drive as it is one of the few USB
> CD-R drives that are supported under Linux and trying that.  But if my DC unit
> won't boot from a CD-R at all, that would be pointless.
> I've tried scrambling the BIN files and not scrambling them.  Most of them
> don't say whether or not they are already scrambled.  For example, is the IP
> slave at already scrambled?  Is there an easy
> way to tell?
> Should the -multi be on the cdrecord invocation for the data track?  One
> message from a mailing list archive says it is not necessary.  That makes
> sense.  Does it do any harm for it to be there?
> -- 
> Gene McCulley