Subject: RE: Modem Support [was ]
To: None <>
From: Dave Zatz <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 03/27/2001 08:00:30
Quite frankly I'm a novice, so please bear with my ignorance... 

But what is the likelihood of seeing modem support in the future? I did read
somewhere that specs were unavailable or hard to come by on the hardware - I
assume this poses a problem?

In an ideal world, I would boot the OS off CD-R and use the DC as a little
net machine running telnet, mailx (or better), etc via dialup to my ISP.
Possible? Likely?


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From: Marcus Comstedt []
Sent: Tuesday, March 27, 2001 5:40 AM
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>>>>> "Julien" == Julien Cabessut <> writes:

  Julien> If I'm not mistaking, setting up NFS root via modem (SLIP?) is
  Julien> complicated compared to the BBA ethernet connexion.

Rather complicated would be an understatement.  You'd have to
implement modem support in the kernel first.  :-)

The modem is not (repeat _not_) supported by NetBSD.  You can not use
it.  It shouldn't matter if you have one installed, but it will be
utterly ignored.

Anyone having success with using SLIP/PPP have been using the serial
port, not the modem.

  // Marcus