Subject: Re: Cross Compile NetBSD Dreamcast
To: None <>
From: Tyrel Beede <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 02/12/2001 13:09:41
Tyrel Beede wrote:

> Yeah, I ran into this problem to.  I'm not sure what the cause is but I belive
> it is realated to the some of the developement tools - similar to the config
> problem.  What I did to get everything working was to d/l and install a
> snapshot for my current arch.  I'm running an i386 system and it was really
> easy to d/l a binary snapshot and install it.  Point your ftp to
> for the latest
> set of binaries( as of this email )
> 1.  In the kernel direcorty you should find the kernel which matches you
> system, most likely netbsd.GENERIC.gz
>      download and install this kernel BEFORE you install the binary sets
> because new system calls may have been
>      and things could get dirty and such.
> 2.   Download the sets from the sets directory.  BACKUP your current /etc
> directory because the etc.tgz here will
>       cause a few problem as it will revert your settings like rc.conf and
> such.... which might, if you don't up date the
>       rc.conf it installs will drop you into single user mode with a read-only
> dirve mounted... that sucked when I did it ;-)
> 3.   With the kernel you just d/l installed and running go ahead and install
> the binaries with permissions presrved.
>       Also these sets will expand into the current directory if you don't tell
> them to go to the root dir.
>       e.g.
>       tar -zxpf <binary set name> -C /
> 4.   Repeat 3 for all the binary distrobution sets and you should have
> painlessly updated you system to a current
>       status.  Reboot for good mesure and try it out.
> Also, I don't know if you were thinking what I was thinking when the config
> program didn't work but I copied over the makefile from the sys/arch/sh3/conf
> directory and I made it my Makefile.dreamcast.  This is wrong and it might
> also be causing your problem if that is what you did.
> I hope this helps, I think just going all out and updating all the system
> binaries is the easy thing to do because all you need to do is expand a few
> tar archives and you don't need to dig around makefiles looking for the logic
> which is failing.

> Tyrel