Subject: Network Boot Kernel
To: <>
From: wallshot <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 02/07/2001 06:57:53
I am new to NetBSD, and I was looking on for info on having
a kernel boot to the network but keep encountering info that is specific
to one architecture. I have Andrew's kernel booting (discjuggler image)
and detecting everything which is quite exciting but it does not seem to
attempt a bootp querey and network boot, and winds up unable to find root
filesystem. Is there something I need to do with the keyboard on bootup
to pass specific parameters, and if so can somebody point me to a URL
with the options?

I am somewhat familiar with FreeBSD, but still feel lost diving into
netBSD trying to understand bootp(dhcp?)/nfs root filesystem setup as I
haven't done this in fBSD or Linux yet.