Subject: newer browser
To: None <>
From: Josh Brandt <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/31/2001 15:37:55
> On Tue, 30 Jan 2001, Francis Tilley wrote:
> > Is there a version 3 browser?? - I need something that will work with
> > the broadband adaptor.
> It hasn't shipped yet that I know of (mine arrives this Wed.). It was
> supposed to be bundled with the US adapter. A friend of mine has the
> Japanese GD-ROM but I don't know if he's tried it yet to see if it has

There's no software bundled with the US Broadband Adaptor, or at least not
with the one I just got in the mail today.

Version 2.6 was bundled on the GD-ROM that came with the February issue of
the official Dreamcast magazine. 

Also in there, it mentions that there's a beta of the newer browser on the
Chu Chu Rocket CD that you can use to get to other sites by hooking up a
keyboard and hitting control-O or something like that. Then you can type in
URLs and go. They claim it supports more multimedia formats and things, too.