Subject: Re: Broadband adapter == RTL8139C
To: None <>
From: Marcus Comstedt <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/26/2001 14:45:03
>>>>> "Christos" == Christos Zoulas <> writes:

  Christos> I have been poking around a bit at the dreamcast port, and the thing that
  Christos> I've noticed is the lack of symbolic constants. Most of the drivers just
  Christos> use magic numbers. Yes, there are comments in the code that explain what
  Christos> each line of code tries to do, but there is a lack of devicereg.h files
  Christos> (there are devicevar.h files). This must be changed.

Sure, there is much room for improvement.  You may proceed if you like.

  Christos> We are not linux.

Last time I checked, the linux device drivers had symbolic constants
aplenty.  So if our goal is to be different from linux, perhaps we
shouldn't do symbolic constants?  ;-)

  // Marcus