Subject: Re: Broadband adapter == RTL8139C
To: None <>
From: Marcus Comstedt <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/24/2001 14:49:42
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason R Thorpe <> writes:

  Jason> Note, however, you're going to need to implement all the bus_space
  Jason> and bus_dma stuff to use the "rtk" driver.  This shouldn't be that
  Jason> hard to do.

Since the rtk driver seems to support both pci and cardbus, I guess it
shouldn't be to hard to make it work with the DC pci emulation as
well...  What happens is that when I activate the SEGA chip, the
RTL8193C:s registers appear memory-mapped at a special address.  DMA
buffers are allocated from a dedicated memory at another special
address.  And, uh, that's it I guess.  Oh, there's an interrupt too.

  // Marcus