Subject: Re: Coders Cable
To: None <>
From: Phil Davies <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/24/2001 10:03:44
I take it you mean the serial cable?  I built one and it seems to work no
problem for some things.  I can talk to the DC okay and upload some
programs - it responds no problem.  The only problem I've had was when I was
trying to use Bero's Dreamrip software to rip a gdrom over the serial cable
(wanted to know if we could extract the DOA2 models from the filesystem -
hoping somewhat!) and it keeps falling over at various times and just
filling my terminal screen with garbage - I suspect that could be something
else though.  For most things you'd wanna use it for it works fine.

Actually - since you mentioned it - does anyone on this list know where
Jules site has gone? seems frreservers have taken it down for breach of AUP
but I'd have thought he'd have it back up by now.  Typical ISP's
misinterpreting what people are trying to do.


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From: "Anthony Treanor" <>
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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 7:30 AM
Subject: Coders Cable

> Hi,
> Has anyone bought and tried one of the "coder cables" from the site that
> (Something like igtek or Lingtek or maybe nothing like either) was listed
> on Jules site (it's currently down or gone). I want to make sure it works
> before I fork out $50 bucks, I realize I could build my own, but that
> sounds like far to much disaster waiting to happen.
> Has anybody read Raymond E Fiest, what was it that they called them,
> rumormongers?
> The social engineers that invoke panic or demoralize anothers army by
> carefully placed words and ideas within the social structure of the enemy
> Anyway I'm looking forward to the first time I get access to the machine.
> It will be a glorious moment :]
> Anthony