Subject: Re: DC VGA in hi-res?
To: None <>
From: Marcus Comstedt <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/23/2001 04:24:45
>>>>> "Michael" == Michael Koopman <> writes:

  Michael> Sorry, stupid newbie question, but just curious. Does anyone know if 
  Michael> Dreamcast VGA out is capable of resolutions higher than 640x480? Correct me 
  Michael> if I'm wrong, but I thought it had an 8mb PowerVR chip inside. Just 
  Michael> wondering if it's possible, because in that resolution, anything but gaming 
  Michael> turns into a major pain in the gulliver real quick. Thanks!

It's possible to increase the number of pixels (not much as the
counters only go up to 1023), but as you can't increase the pixel
clock you'll have a hard time finding a monitor that will sync
(horizontal frequency < 31kHz).

  // Marcus