Subject: Re: DC VGA in hi-res? [ot]
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From: Robert Petty <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/22/2001 23:14:01
I hate to distract the list again considering I have yet to input any direct
netbsd/dc code into the project (to be blunt you guys are in a leaguge

However, I am in the same boat as Tim here.  I am competent, just not
experienced in this area.  For example my own personal project right now is
redoing Napster (which is going quite well, making it a universal [ie
big/little endian compatable] library in c++).  Anyway.......

Maybe we should make a seperate list for people like us to discuss things
and to keep them out of the more expereinced developers list.  Not to say I
(we) can't contribute to this list or the codebase, and I do plan to keep on
this list and hopefully help out, but I have a lot of questions to ask, and
to many ideas to spread that are probably futile towards this project to
anyone who does truly understand the code behind it.

End rant/proposal.

BTW, is their an offical webpage out there that links up details on not only
this port, but also hacking DC in general.  Why duplicate effort you know?


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From: Tim Smith <smithti@OIT.EDU>
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Sent: Monday, January 22, 2001 10:47 PM
Subject: Re: DC VGA in hi-res?

> Hi, I am also new, however I believe that I heard somthing about the VGA
> box being capable of 800x600 on a PC monitor.  This is also, as I
> understand it, what a TV with Svideo is capable of.
> I just got my broadband adapter today.  :)  I hope to be able to use it
> with netbsd soon.  :)  Thanks Marcus, and everyone else for working on
> this project.  I plan on helping with it too, but I am rather new to
> programming, but as I am in college, I know that I can get some help from
> some pretty smart people.  :)  I also plan on doing DC dev. for my Sr.
> Project next year depending on how well this and other projects on the DC
> are going. :)
> Thanks again everyone.
> Tim