Subject: Re: DC VGA in hi-res?
To: Marcus Comstedt <>
From: Tim Smith <smithti@OIT.EDU>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/22/2001 19:47:32
Hi, I am also new, however I believe that I heard somthing about the VGA
box being capable of 800x600 on a PC monitor.  This is also, as I
understand it, what a TV with Svideo is capable of.

I just got my broadband adapter today.  :)  I hope to be able to use it
with netbsd soon.  :)  Thanks Marcus, and everyone else for working on
this project.  I plan on helping with it too, but I am rather new to
programming, but as I am in college, I know that I can get some help from
some pretty smart people.  :)  I also plan on doing DC dev. for my Sr.
Project next year depending on how well this and other projects on the DC
are going. :)

Thanks again everyone.