Subject: Re: booting on DC's that can't read CDs
To: None <>
From: Marcus Comstedt <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/22/2001 08:59:49
>>>>> "Lucas" == Lucas Cornelisse <> writes:

  Lucas> Hey guys, 

  Lucas> Just a thought about DC's that won't be able to boot from CD's:

  Lucas> there are a few (remotely possible) solutions we could consider,
  Lucas> (i think somebody mentioned this) how about net booting? i don't
  Lucas> think that that would be too much of a hassle..

Net booting is the way to go anyway, a CD isn't really all that much
fun to boot from since it's read only.  :-)  (Ha, got my ethernet
adapter today.  Now the real fun begins...)

The real question as far as the "new" DCs are concerned though is how
to get the kernel/bootloader into the machine.

  Lucas> another option could be the alleged Zip-Drive that is supposedly coming
  Lucas> out any day now..

Well, it has been alleged for about two years now, and doesn't seem to
show any signs of becoming otherwise.  But miracles have happened

  Lucas> or even (here's a big stretch) putting a bootloader/kernel on a VMU, and nfs
  Lucas> mount (or zipdrive) the filesystem.. maybe we could even set kernel options
  Lucas> on the VMU interface, that would be pretty cool..

Kernel options in a VMU file is one of my long term goals.  For the
bootloader-on-VMU though you'll need a bootloader to boot it off the
VMU.  Chicken/egg type situation...

  Lucas> i would guess that these would require a little co-operation from Sega..

If you mean BIOS modifications, then yes.  That won't help the
non-CD-boot units already out there of course.

As long as we're hoping for SEGA co-operation we could as well
fantasize about pressing GD-ROMs with NetBSD.  1/2 :-)

  // Marcus