Subject: Re: gdrom
To: None <>
From: Marcus Comstedt <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/21/2001 18:09:44
>>>>> "Jason" == Jason R Thorpe <> writes:

  Jason> Does it look like an atapi drive, or is it something else entirely?  I'm
  Jason> guessing "something else entirely".

Actually, it looks quite a lot like a SCSI drive (which is what an
ATAPI drive looks like as well, I suppose).  The command codes are
different though (for example REQUEST SENSE is 0x13, not 0x03).

  Jason> The NetBSD CD-ROM interface is really quite easy.  You need to provide
  Jason> the bdevsw[]/cdevsw[] entry points for a disk, and in gdrstrategy()
  Jason> simply need to queue up the requests and then have a gdrstart() that
  Jason> starts the next one, called both from gdrstrategy() and from the routine
  Jason> that handles I/O completion (to keep the queue going).

  Jason> I'd be happy to help you with this.

I'll just make a busy-waiting version first (I don't even know which
interrupt to hook on to yet :), and then you are free to improve on it
as much as you like.  :-)

I assume there is some standardized ioctl that the iso9660 filesystem
uses to read the TOC?

  // Marcus