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Date: 01/18/2001 14:38:01
See item #9 ;-)

 - Hubert

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Lik Sang Newsletter -

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Saturday, 12th of January 2001 - Your Hong Kong Video Game Specialist

 (1) Announcement:       Chinese New Year celebrations coming
 (2) DVD/VCD/MP3 Player: Shinco plays RCE protected movies
 (3) DVD/VCD/MP3 Player: Shinco update/Macrovision off
 (4) VCD Recorder:       Amoisonic VDR2000
 (5) MP3 Superstar:      New 320kbps version bundle pack
 (6) MP3 Superstar:      Bulk order special pack US$ 80
 (7) Dreamcast:          Sega DC card - PC plays Dreamcast games
 (8) Dreamcast:          Sakura War Edition can't play backups
 (9) Dreamcast:          Unix for your game console
(10) Dreamcast:          Total Control 5 (where is 4?)
(11) Dreamcast:          Broadband Adapter ships
(12) Dreamcast:          Firebolt Joypad
(13) Dreamcast:          Light Gun with Kick-Back
(14) Dreamcast:          Bio Gun Infrared
(15) Playstation 2:      56k modem releases in march
(16) Playstation 2:      PS/PS2 Mini Gun
(17) Playstation 2:      Home Cinema
(18) PS One:             PS One Power Station
(19) PS One:             Mini Controller
(20) PS One:             Portable 5" LCD Display
(21) Wonderswan (Color): Link Cable
(22) General:            Prices in FRF French France
(23) General:            Lowered prices because Euro wins back
(24) General:            Register now to become a Lik Sang partner
(25) General:            Smallprint

Welcome to Lik Sang's first newsletter in the year 2001. We are sure with
the XBox and Game Cube to come and with the Game Boy Advanced not far away
anymore, this will be a good and thrilling year for us all. Not to forget
the Playstation 2, which has to proof it's abilities and the Dreamcast
with some of its best titles to come, too (remember, Unreal and Half-Life
are still not out yet).

(1) Announcement - Chinese New Year celebrations coming

The year of the Dragon comes to its end and due to the Chinese New Year
festival almost all Hong Kong and China based companies will close between
20th till 30th of January, so Lik Sang International closes it's doors
too. The first official day of the Snake year will be the 24th of January,
the annual Chinese New Year Celebrations will be held one day earlier, at
the 23th.

Please note that we will not be able to reply any emails in the period
between 24th-28th January, furthermore no orders will be shipped, too.

Please submit your order now to get it shipped in time.

If you are wondering what it's all about you may be able to find some
information about the Chinese New Year culture at Google, one of the best
search engines on the web:

(2) DVD/VCD/MP3 Player - Shinco plays RCE protected movies

RCE Regional Coding was designed to prevent people who live in one region
from playing DVDs designated for another region. But then region-free /
multi-region DVD players (like the Shinco) started cropping up - these
players could play discs from all regions. In an attempt to stop this RCE
has been developed - it works by somehow 'detecting' code free players,
and preventing play in such players, but NOT with the Shinco players as we
discovered ;-)

If you want to play a RCE DVD, e.g. the Patriot on your Shinco DVD Player,
do the following:

After the annoying region screen shows press the remote's stop button
twice and then press the Play Mode button. Wait until "PROGRAM/P00:00"
appears on TV and then press the play button!

The Patriot (region1) was the first movie with RCE protection.

(3) DVD/VCD/MP3 Player - Shinco update/Macrovision off

Recently a CD Upgrade for the Shinco 868 has been released. It enables you
to upgrade the BIOS/Firmware directly from the CD without opening the
unit. Purpose of this CD upgrade is the disabled Macrovision, which leads
to a better display quality and to the possibility of recording DVD movies
with a VHS recorder. The upgrade is available for free.

More info at the Shinco Info Site:

Shinco DVD 868, plays DVD, VCD, MP3, Mega Drive/Genesis games and a lot
On sale for US$ 259,-

(4) VCD Recorder - Amoisonic VDR2000

Record from your favorite video source directly to CD-R or CD/RW with the
new Amoisonic VDR2000 from Amoisonic, the first practical Video Disk
Recorder available. The VDR2000 can record real-time input from Camcorder,
TV, DVD, VCR, CD, VCD or SVCD to either VCD format (74 minutes @ 250 lines
resolution), or SVCD (35 minutes @ 350 lines resolution), as compared to
approximately 230 lines resolution of a VHS tape.

(5) MP3 Superstar - New 320kbps version bundle pack

Starting from the 01/01/2001 we have shipped our famous MP3 Superstar
(rated with 5 stars from MP3.COM) in it's new version. The new version
includes a brand new decoder DSP that plays MP3 files up to 320kbps,
instead of all similar available models, which only support bit rates up
to 224kpbs. Additionally the error correction and the Anti-Shock feature
(60 seconds!!) have been even more improved.

Furthermore we are bundling all orders with a totally FREE Car Adapter Kit
worth US$ 12.90, it contains of the Cassette Adapter and the Power Adapter
for your Cigarette Lighter plug.

The new set looks as follows:

- MP3 Superstar - new 320Kbps version!
- New DIR mode, hassle free CD navigating
- Set of headphones
- 2 x AA Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries
- AC adapter (110V/240V), fits world wide
- Line out cord, in case you are using at at home
- Soft bag to protect it if you're on the way
- User Manual
- FREE Car Adapter Kit (Cassette Adapter and Cigarette Lighter plug!)

Order now for US$ 129,-
Be Impatient, order Direct

(6) MP3 Superstar - Bulk order special pack US$ 80

As we are working close together with the Manufacturer of the MP3
Superstar, Likko Electronics, we are able to forward their special 'order
now and get it hassle free within a couple of days' bulk price for a
limited time.

- 100 pieces of the MP3 Superstar (new 320 kbps version)
- Including world wide Fedex International Priority shipping (48h)
- Delivered to your door-step, no hassle with customs/forwarding companies
- No empty promises and delays as you have experienced with other suppliers

US$ 80/each player
Minimum order: 100 pieces, including FedEx shipping and absolutely no
hidden cost

Please contact our wholesale department right away:

(7) Dreamcast - Sega DC card - PC plays Dreamcast games

Regarding to our Tokyo office, Sega will release the following new
hardware within the year 2001.

- Dreamcast for PC (internal)

It will be an internal card for the PC's to make your PC Dreamcast
compatible. This might not only open a complete new era for game players,
but also for the developing community, as they could develop their
home-made games/applications directly at the same PC where they could test
their work. The Dreamcast scene is really getting more interesting day by
day ;-)

Release date is summer 20001, price will be around 10,000 yen, which is
about 85 US$.

- Dreamcast for Notebook PC's (external)

This seems just to be the external version of the above-described card.
Let them surprise us what it will really be. Announced release date is
fall 2001, no price was said.

- BS Digital TV with Dreamcast

BS stands for Broadcast Satellite. Regarding to our Japanese colleagues
Sega plans to release a whole TV to receive programs by satellite (this is
popular in Japan already now). If it only can receive TV programs or even
whole Dreamcast games by satellite is not clear at this early stage.

(8) Dreamcast - Sakura War Edition can't play backups

Regarding to rumors in the Internet, the latest Dreamcast Hardware 'Sakura
War Limited Edition' can't play backups or play back anything from CD-R

John Byrd, Director of Development Technology at Sega of America to the
members of the NetBSD mailing list (port Dreamcast):

"Units appearing on the shelves will shortly be unable to read any sort of
information from CD media. This is in specific response to the
proliferation of piracy of Dreamcast games. 

I suspect that a motivated hardware hacker will be able to figure out how
to modify this type of Dreamcast".

(9) Dreamcast - Unix for your game console

NetBSD is a free, highly portable UNIX-like operating system available for
many platforms, from 64-bit AlphaServers to handheld devices. Its clean
design and advanced features make it excellent in both production and
research environments, and it is user-supported with complete source. Many
applications are easily available. NetBSD/dreamcast is the port of NetBSD
for the Japanese game console SEGA Dreamcast.

The NetBSD Project Website

The NetBSD Dreamcast port

(10) Dreamcast - Total Control 5 (where is 4?)

Use either a PC Keyboard or Mouse on your Dreamcast console. 
-Supports PS/2 Mouse 
-Supports PS2/2 Keyboard (101, 104 and 106 Keyboard) 

US$ 19.00 only

(11) Dreamcast - Broadband Adapter ships

Finally Sega has released the Broadband Adapter, which makes it possible
to surf the Internet with high speed or just play your favorite games
through a faster Internet connection. Furthermore the long awaited
Broadband adapter should open new dimensions for the DC developers
community, once they found out how to control it.

We have shipped out our first batch last week, new stock will arrive after
the weekend.
Place your orders now.

(12) Dreamcast - Firebolt Joypad

The Firebolt Joypad is specially designed for all 2D Dreamcast games (such
as fighting games). It offers an VMU Slot for saving game data, built-in
vibration function, auto fire, slow motion and two lights which are
flashing during vibration.
Recommended for all fighting games, US$ 15.90 only.

(13) Dreamcast - Light Gun with Kick-Back

Another alternative Dreamcast compatible gun has arrived. Featuring single
shot & auto fire, auto bullet reload and a kick back function. It's not
that innovative but worth for those people who are still looking for a
good DC gun.
Now on sale for US$ 18.90

(14) Dreamcast - Bio Gun Infrared

The first wireless gun ever for the Dreamcast console is out.
Legendary Bio Gun look with built-in VMU slot.
Do we need to say more?
US$ 29 only

(15) Playstation 2 - 56k modem releases in March

Sunsoft, the Japanese game developer and hardware manufacturer announced
the PS2 56k modem to be released in march. Price will be about 10.000 yen,
which is about 85 US Dollars.

Sun Soft's website (Japanese)

PS2 Web browser (Japanese)

Official press release of the modem developer (English)

(16) Playstation 2 - PS/PS2 Mini Gun

This is not just another gun for the Playstation console, no it's probably
the smallest one so far. This gun:
- is compatible with PS and PS2 console
- offers a special mode for Silent Scope or similar games
- does not require any batteries
- and includes a power hand grip mini pad

Only US$ 19.90

(17) Playstation 2 - Home Cinema

The small "Home Cinema" features the following 3 applications in 1:
a) A PS2 Stand to put the PS2 console into upright position 
b) An AV Selector to connect 4 devices
c) Two Flat Panel Speakers

For anyone who thinks the PS2 is not sexy enough itself we have stock this
Retail price is set at US$ 29

(18) PS One - PS One Power Station

With this portable battery pack you can finally play Playstation games
everywhere. The pack is working flawless with any PS One console and has
enough power to operate your console with connected LCD display for more
than 3 hours. Just imagine you can finally play Playstation games in the
bus driving to school, in the train back home after work, while camping or
basically anywhere you like. Isn't that cool?
You can recharge this Power Station with the PS One car adapter (sold
separately) or an AC wall adapter.

Now on sale for only US$ 39

(19) PS One - Mini Controller

This is probably the smallest standard controller available for the
Playstation console. Next to its really cute design it features built-in
vibration function, auto fire and slow motion. Still looking for a
birthday present for your girl friend?

Now on sale for only US$ 8.90

(20) PS One - Portable 5" LCD Display

Since the PAL version of the portable 4" LCD display is delayed, and it
seems it would maybe never be released, we have just successfully tested
and added another even more exciting product - the 5" Portable LCD display
with it's larger screen. The display works on both, PAL and NTSC PS One
systems, the mode is selectable with a simple switch. The display does not
require an external power source such as the 'old' 4" display does,
therefore you don't need to carry another heavy part with you while

If you are playing a NTSC PS One (bought in the USA or in Japan), you may
still choose between the 4" NTSC only system, or the new 5" version.

If you are playing a PAL PS One (bought in Europe or Australia), you need
the 5" Version, which does not only has a larger screen, but also offers
the required PAL mode, tough.

(21) Wonderswan (Color) - Link Cable

Connect two Wonderswan (Color) handhelds with another for head to head
game sessions. Available in assorted colors for the few Wonderswan freaks
among us.

US$ 9 only.

(22) General - Prices in FRF French France

To make shopping for our French friends more comfortable, we have just
added a new country selection to our websites start screen. When entering please simply choose 'La France' to get your prices
displayed in French France (FRF). For your convenience the shipping
country 'France' is also pre-selected.

Please note that displayed prices are just for your orientation, to avoid
differences caused by currency exchange rates your Credit Card will always
be billed in US$, only.

Give it a try:

(23) General - Lowered prices because Euro wins back

It seems the year 2001 starts good - we have updated all currency rates
and especially the rates which are fixed to the Euro (EUR) have been
lowered really mentionable, such as the EUR itself, the DEM, FRF and ATS.
Also all other currency rates have been updated, take a look.

(24) General - Register now to become a Lik Sang partner

As you might know meanwhile, Lik Sang is taking the Hong Kong export
business seriously, having developed an industry leading online presence
so that we can assist you with your needs. To understand you even better,
we need your help in providing the information in the link below.

With your help we will be able to: 

- Send you our updated product folder, pricelists and other helpful
- Invitation Cards for Trade Shows such as the HK Electronics Fair
- Finally improve our services to meet and exceed your expectations

For dealers only!

(25) General - Smallprint

As usual in this modern world, each single word in this Newsletter is
someone's copyright, but especially all names are Trademarks of their
respective companies. All advertised products are 3rd party items and not
manufactured, licensed or approved by Sony Computer Entertainment,
Nintendo or Sega Enterprises. For those who still don't know or cannot
believe it, Lik Sang is in absolutely no way affiliated, backed,
sponsored, endorsed or even owned by Sony CE, Nintendo, Sega Enterprises
or any other company named above. It is not allowed to publish any part of
this message without Lik Sang's written permission.

MP3 Superstar bulk order special:
Please note that this price is not valid for shipments to Africa, South
America, East Europe.
Since bank transfers and order negotiation by email also takes a little
time, the total lead-time is guaranteed less than one week.

Again, thank you for choosing Lik Sang, your Hong Kong export specialist
for video game related products.

Your Lik Sang Team

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