Subject: RE: So, did I scare everyone off, or is the list broken?
To: Port-Dreamcast <>
From: Stuart Luscombe <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/16/2001 21:53:49
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> Subject: Re: So, did I scare everyone off, or is the list broken?
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> wrote:
> > Is anybody out there?
> I'm here!
> How many people are actively involved in this
> project? Who is working on what? 
> I'm seriously time-constrained and my experience
> with device drivers and kernel internals is 
> limited, so I'm afraid I'm not going to be much
> help.
> With John Byrd 'in the loop', has anyone considered
> presenting him with a wish-list of what's needed
> to move this project forward quickly? It sounds
> like he is thinking more along the lines of
> assisting with design validation and test.
> How about specific technical issues... should
> this team try to implement some type of process
> for presenting Sega with specific technical
> questions, or requests for information? I've
> worked on porting several real-time OS's to
> alternate platforms (mostly in the area of
> design validation), and it's always much 
> easier to do a port when you can contact the
> hardware and software gurus when you run up
> against a problem you can't solve.
> Any thoughts?
> Greg

I would happily give programming device drivers
a try if I knew how to program in C. Does anyone
on here know anywhere good for some tutorials?

(Dumb newbie'ish' question I know, flames allowed)

I currently use WinME (I too have my reasons).
The only thing stopping me converting to a UNIX based
system is my DVD drive. I need it to be able to run
as I don't yet have a standalone.