Subject: RE: Greetings
To: None <>
From: Byrd, John <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/10/2001 11:25:16
> A long time ago, when the Amiga computer was the killer game platform, one
> of its best-selling software titles was AMOS, not a game but a BASIC
> interpreter focused around game development that lots of hobbits use to
> their own games. Some of the games created were just crap, but a lot of
> where very good or just addictive (simple games like tetris clones,
> pindballs, sokoban, arkanoid, etc.) People exchange their games or release
> them as shareware, mags include them on their cover disks and all of them
> contributed to create an active comunity around the Amiga (not related in
> any way to pirating!).

And then Commodore went broke, of course :)  Sega is trying to learn from
the mistakes of other companies.  We're trying to figure out ways to get
this sort of developers to be mutually beneficial to the hackers and to