Subject: Re: Greetings
To: None <>
From: Bob McBob <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/09/2001 11:10:55
> Units appearing on the shelves will shortly be unable to read any sort of
> information from CD media.  This is in specific response to the
> proliferation of piracy of Dreamcast games.

Though they are not officially licensed products, won't this efectivly
render the GameShark as well as bleemcast (when it ships) useless? Though I
do understand Sega's needs to form a stance against piracy such a move could
have a very negative impact on home development....not to mention all of us
with bleemcast preoders :>

Perhaps Sega could offer some sort of 'home dev' DC with the CDR booting
backdoor left in, if even for a higher price...?

Just a thought.