Subject: Greetings
To: None <>
From: Byrd, John <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/08/2001 18:03:11
Hello port-dreamcast,

Allow me to introduce myself.  I manage the Developer Technical Support
department at Sega of America.  I am responsible for the official SDK that
most developers are using in the US and Europe.

I am very interested in NetBSD for Dreamcast for many reasons.  First, it
was obviously developed without any proprietary information.  Second, Sega
can in principle use this work on NetBSD in official Dreamcast games, much
the same way that Apple is using NetBSD as the core for OS X, since NetBSD
is free of some of the licensing restrictions of Linux.  Third, I suspect
that third-party developers will have an interest in developing to NetBSD.
Fourth, it's cool :)

Although I can't yet release proprietary technical information publicly,
there are other ways we might be able to help out with this sort of project.
For example, we may be able to help with testing or verification of
compatibility with various revisions of Dreamcast hardware.  We also may be
able to audit your work for security errors or other problems in
implementation which may make your work unstable with specific respect to
the Dreamcast.

Thanks for your work, and good luck...


John Byrd
Director of Development Technology
Sega of America