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NetBSD 7.1.2 Cobalt RestoreCD/RestoreUSB


I've updated and put cobalt restorecd for NetBSD/cobalt 7.1.2:


- restorecd-7.1.2-20180401.iso.gz is a gzipped RestoreCD ISO9660 image.
- restoreusb-7.1.2-20180401.img.gz is a gzipped RestoreUSB image
  for >=600MiB USB memory sticks on USB bootable PCs.

See also "Restore CD/USB Howto" for actual installation procedures:


This version also includes updates based on private reports from
a restorecd user.  Thanks!

There are still several known issue:
 - on the NetBSD/i386 server shutdown(8) and halt(8) stall
   (ptyfs on mfs /dev might be problematic?)
 - no proper way to specify the target network interface for dhcpd(8)
   on server machines which have multiple interfaces
   (except rebuilding restorecd images)

Izumi Tsutsui

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