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NetBSD 5.2 Cobalt RestoreCD/RestoreUSB

Since NetBSD 5.2 has been released (and 6.0 seems to have troubles on mips)
I've built and put 5.2 based NetBSD/cobalt RestoreCD/USB images:


No visible functional changes in RestoreCD/USB script itself,
and only NetBSD binaries (and CHANGES file) are updated from
the previous 5.1.2 ones. See release announcements for 5.2 changes:
restorecd-5.2-20121208.iso.gz is a gzipped RestoreCD ISO9660 image.

restoreusb-5.2-20121208.img.gz is a gzipped RestoreUSB image
for >=512MB USB memory sticks on USB bootable PCs.

You can write the image using gzip(1) + dd(1) on Unix like OSes,
or you can also use "Rawrite32" utility on MS Windows:

See also "Restore CD/USB Howto" for actual installation procedures:
and see files in .tar.gz archive for more details.

Have fun,
Izumi Tsutsui

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