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Diagnosing an unstable Qube2


After some years running quite well, my Qube2 (NetBSD 5.1) started to lock up 
after a few days, with the serial console unresponsive.
Usage is regular postgresql building and testing, which is quite processor and 
memory intensive, backup via rsync.
I changed the power supply, but that did not solve the problem.

So I upgraded to NetBSD 6.0, and the machine is now really unstable:
lots of core dumps until the machine is unusable, tar telling that headers are 
invalid, then succeeding on the same file,

then errors like this:
sendmail: panic: myfree: corrupt or unallocated memory block
[1]   Done                    /bin/sh /etc/dai... |
     Done                    tee /var/log/dai... |
     Abort trap (core dumped) sendmail -t

How do I go about diagnosing what is the problem ?
Are there memory tests, disk tests that I could run ?

Thanks for your help, I would be sad to have to decommission this little 
machine :-)

Rémi Zara

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